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       Request for Prosposal


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Benefits Broker/Consultant Partner Services Due Date/Time: 12:00 Noon (CST), March 24, 2017

Proposal to be submitted to:
Carol M. Parker, Chief Human Resource Officer c/o Purchasing Office
Spindletop Center 655 South 8th Street Beaumont, TX 77701

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What has caused Spindletop to request this RFP?
--Due to the increasing complexity of the insurance market and ever changing laws, rules, etc, we feel it is necessary to partner with someone who can keep up with these changes to assist us in building the best benefit plan for our staff.

 Are you seeking new services from your advisor?
--We do not have a current broker/advisor

 Who is the current advisor and how long have you used them?
--We do not have a current broker/advisor

 Is the current advisor paid on a fee or commission basis?
--We do not have a current broker/advisor

 Which form of compensation would you prefer going forward?
--This is open for discussion and can be included as part of the bid process.

 Does your broker also manage the AFLAC voluntary benefit plan offerings?
--We do not have a current broker/advisor

 Can you disclose the current broker compensation?
--We do not have a current broker/advisor

 What is the anticipated term of the new advisor agreement?
--One year with renewal options

 Do you have a written scope of service agreement in place with your advisor? If so is this document available?
--We do not have a current broker/advisor

 Who is the current TPA and how long have you been with them?
--TML Multistate Intergovernmental Employee Benefit Pool, Austin, TX is our current TPA. We have been with them since September 2015

 Which medical network are you using?
--United Healthcare Choice Plus Network

 Who is your stop loss carrier and for how long?
--American Fidelity Insurance

 What is the deductible for the specific stop loss coverage?

 Who is the current PBM and how long have you used them?
--Optum Rx since September 2015

 Can you share the plan design and contributions for the medical, RX and dental plans?
--Once a Broker is selected, we can make this full information available
--Currently we offer 2 options for staff that are identical except for the deductible. We have 2 deductible options $1000 and $1500. We offer coverage for employee only, employee + spouse, employee + children, or employee + family. All the required covered elements are present in the plan.
--We offer dental for the same coverage options as well with a yearly $1000.00 maximum and a $50 annual deductible.
--Rx we offer generic drugs at $10, brand name drugs at $30 or 30% of cost whichever is greater and $100 for specialty drugs. We offer a mail order option as well as retail. Mail order option offers a 3 month prescription for a one month co-pay.

 Are you interested in new plan options? Please describe briefly. Example HSA option
--Yes, one of the reasons for Broker selection is to guide, advise on additional, new or changes to current plans. We are interested in a Vision plan for employees specifically and are open to other options.
--Aflac currently provides a FSA plan for employees, but we have limited participation. We would like to consider options for helping employees with health savings.

How is open enrollment conducted?
--We use a “passive” enrollment each summer for a September 1 plan begin date. Only employees wishing to change elections are required to make the selected changes at that time for Health and Dental. We do not require all staff to re-enroll each year. Their prior plan year options roll over to the new plan year unless they make requested changes that were not otherwise made due to an eligible status change during the plan year.
--Aflac is our voluntary, supplemental coverage supplier. Aflac does require open enrollment each year. We set aside days that the Aflac representatives will be on campus and employees can come in at any point during that time to meet one on one with the representative to enroll, change or waive the opportunity to participate. We do not currently hold scheduled meetings except with new employees held quarterly.  

 How many enrollment meetings are typically conducted?
--Aflac-we have 4 primary campuses, 2 in Beaumont, 1 in Port Arthur, and 1 in Orange, so we usually set up a 2 weeks of meetings most of those in Beaumont and designate a specific day to go to the Port Arthur campus and a day to go to the Orange campus. Since we do not have scheduled meetings, it is an all day come and go event.
--New employees receive information on insurance coverages on their first day of hire. It is part of their orientation. We hold a new hire Aflac meeting every quarter for employees to have the opportunity to enroll in Aflac products.

What role to you want your advisor to take in the meetings?
--This is open to discussion. We have not currently used a Broker or Advisor in our enrollments. This  is handled by our Human Resource staff.

Are you using online enrollment?
--No, our current TPA allows for open enrollment, but it was cost prohibitive to set up. Employees complete paper enrollment forms upon hire or upon eligible status change with the Human Resources department and this information is entered in an online portal to our TPA. Again, we do not require annual enrollments.

If so which system do you use?

Are you looking for your advisor to offer online enrollment resources as part of the scope of services?
--This is open to discussion and depends on the capabilities of the current TPA and cost associated.

Can you provide a sample of the current open enrollment guide distributed to employees at open enrollment?
--We do not do open enrollment. We currently send out communication to staff via email and flyer to departments and on our shared website regarding Aflac enrollments and information on the changes that can be made on Health and Dental.

Do you need your advisor to be capable of administering ACA reporting?
--The Plan Administrator or Broker would need to be capable of administering ACA reporting.

Does your current advisor provide a call center for employee issues?
--We do not have a current Broker. Our TPA has a customer service center for employees to call with issues as well as on online portal to ask customer service related questions.

Do you provide any price transparency tools for plan members to navigate the healthcare system?
--No, our plans are so affordable, that we do not feel this is necessary.


Proposal Questions? Please email proposal questions to Sandra.Jacobs@stctr.org or call us at:
(409) 784-5414 or (409)784-5592