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Spindletop Center Video Library


Surviving Suicide: Rita's Story

A Lifetime of Hope: One family shares their story of hope and healing provided through the support of Spindletop Center’s services.

Clinic Vignette: Spindletop Center has opened a clinic to address the primary healthcare needs of people with mental illness issues in Southeast Texas.

Hope Center: Spindletop Center's Peer Support services connect people who have mental illness issues with like-minded individuals who can show them that recovery is POSSIBLE!

Housing: For the benefit of our clients, Spindletop operates five housing facilities to provide safe, comfortable and affordable housing for eligible consumers.

IDD: Spindletop Center provides assistance to people of all ages >with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide an array of services that can help people improve their quality of life. Services include offering help in the areas of accessing medical, social, educational, and other appropriate services and life skills training.


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